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Tree Trimming Cost

Trimming helps improve the aesthetic appeal of trees and shrubs. The tree care procedure gives tree crowns an attractive shape, removes dead branches, and snips overgrown limbs to size. When done correctly, trimming turns trees into ornaments capable of boosting a...

Tree Removal Costs

To remove a medium-sized tree in Atlanta, Georgia, you will need to have $400 to $1,200 set aside. The typical tree removal cost, however, can be as low as $200 or as high as $2000 depending on how complicated the procedure is. The median tree removal cost hovers...

Tree Pruning Cost

Pruning a tree in Atlanta, Georgia, costs $75 to $2000. Trees under 60 feet have a tree pruning cost of $350 to $650, with the typical medium-sized tree having a price of $450.  The cost of pruning a tree varies from one tree to the other. Factors like tree location,...
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